Ditching Services in the Ottawa and Surrounding Area

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Ditches and watercourses are a crucial part of a rural landscape. They collect and convey water, generally allowing landowners and farmers to efficiently use the property as they see fit. But as with all infrastructure, ditches require ongoing maintenance to operate at their intended level of service. When ditches are left without maintenance for prolonged periods of time, they are unable to operate at their best. This is where Shade Group (Shade Group) can help.

The Problem

As time goes by, ditches deteriorate in their efficiency to convey water. This might be due to soft soils causing the banks to collapse; or an overgrowth of vegetation and trees that have taken root in the ditch bottom. All of these conditions impact the systems ability to convey water. And when a ditch cannot contain water - the end result is generally flooding.

The Solution

Shade Group has the experienced staff and array of equipment needed to efficiently and effectively reinstate your ditch to its former condition. Our variety of equipment allows us to adapt to various field conditions. Our smaller equipment allows us to access tight spaces, and limit disturbance to the areas around the ditch. While a typical large scale excavator may require significant tree clearing to be able to operate alongside the ditch, our specialized smaller equipment can get the job done with less disturbance to the overall landscape. This may offer a cost savings, as less brushing and tree clearing may be required compared to large traditional equipment. Our focus is on reinstatement of the ditch with limited disturbance to the surrounding features.


Please note that all watercourses (even small intermittent ones) are regulated in Ontario. We pride ourselves on working together with approval agencies to help better the environment. Given the regulations, most ditch cleanout projects will require permitting; generally from the local Conservation Authority as well as possibly from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Our staff consists of experienced and knowledgeable drainage engineers and environmental specialists who can help guide you on how to determine any permitting requirements for your restoration works as well as any restrictions such as timing.

The Drainage Act

Shade Group employs staff experienced working within the confines of the Drainage Act. We will work with your Drainage Superintendent to ensure that the works performed are beneficial to those who ultimately pay for it - the benefiting landowners. Our specialized equipment allows us to access challenging sites and perform the work with limited disturbance, which results in an overall cost savings to the landowners.

Why Choose Shade Group for Your Ditch Cleanout Project?

When you choose Shade Group for your project you are partnering with a local business that has been serving the Ottawa area for many years. You can count on your project being completed on time, on budget and with a level of workmanship and attention to detail you won’t find with other contractors.

We’ll maintain a safe working environment and we’ll protect your property from any damage while using our machines, the end result is to meet all of your excavation and landscaping goals. Our business has continued to grow through word-of-mouth from our many happy customers who refer us to friends and family. It’s through our continued commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that we are able to continue doing what we do best!

We believe in providing great service, superb communication and value with every project we complete!

If you have a drainage ditch in need of maintenance, reach out today to see how we can help improve your land. We strive to respond within 24-48 hours - so if you haven't heard from us - check your junk mail filter!