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Solving Drainage Problems in Ottawa

Drainage Problems

Do you have water problems? Do you dread the rain because your property ends up flooded? Let us help!  Shade Group has the experience, and equipment to solve your drainage problem.

The Beginning

To work towards reducing your fear of a rainy day, our staff will meet with you, at your property, to review the site conditions and collect historical information. We’ll collect valuable topographic data with our state of the art equipment, which will be used later to work towards a solution.

The Plan

Depending on the complexity of your project, a drainage plan may be the best option to visually lay out a solution.

Various solutions might include:

  • Re-grading your property to redirect where water flows,
  • Replacing failed culverts
  • Importing fill to fill in low areas;
  • Adding french drains
  • Digging ditches to collect and move water to a suitable location

As with most things in life, there are often many solutions to one problem. Our experienced staff will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the design process to develop a cost effective, yet appropriate solution to your water problems.

The Construction

Once we have established a design solution that works for you, we will guide you through construction.

Construction work on properties with drainage issues are best done during the summer months, when the weather is relatively dry. While we do have equipment capable of working in swampy conditions, this slows the work down, and adds cost to your project. These costs may be avoidable if timing for construction is flexible. 

The Catch

Not all drainage problems can be solved in a single iteration, and may instead require an iterative process to develop a level of service you are happy with in the long term. Some drainage problems may not be financially feasible to resolve. 

If you have challenging soils that limit the ability of water to be absorbed into the ground; or if you have a high groundwater table, some solutions may not be feasible.

Our experienced professionals are familiar with what to look for on your site, and will help to identify these challenges during the early stages of your project.

This helps to manage expectations and identifies early on if certain options are not feasible.

While we can develop one-stop solutions, these may be cost prohibitive to your situation, and instead, an alternative solution that improves the situation rather than prevents/solves the problem may be preferred. This is where our experience is to your benefit. 

If you are experiencing drainage problems on your property, please contact us to see how we can be of service. Just fill out our “Request Your Estimate” form and we’ll get right back to you! 

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