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Recreational Private Trail Construction

Spring has sprung and we are back in full swing!

To kick off the construction season, we spent the day helping a client with some grading work in his backyard. Situated on a beautifully treed rural estate lot in west Ottawa, the client was looking to create a private skate-ski trail network through the wooded areas on his property.

All about the right equipment…

We brought in our excavator and our specialty trail building attachments and got to work. With the right equipment we were able to grade about 1 km of trail in one day. Not only does the equipment help move things along at record speed, it also saves the client money since only one person is needed for the job! The right equipment makes for light work!

The Process…

The client had already been out to mark and cut down trees where they wanted the trail to go – however there was a significant amount of tree roots and rocks left behind, making for uneven ground. Since the final product is to be used for skate-ski purposes, a nice, even terrain is ideal. We started by digging up and spreading the tree roots and large rocks to make for a more uniform terrain. We then followed up with our roller grader to smooth it all out. The final product is still natural terrain – but much more suitable for recreational use.

If you’re interested in adding a trail or walkway to your property – contact us today to see how we can help!

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