Species at Risk Screening

Most clients come to us for environmental consulting services as a result of a conversation with an approval agency; typically their municipality or the local Conservation Authority.

Other times, our clients approach us because they’re considering a project, but they know that there is a possibility for constraints on their property that could inhibit the project.

Our environmental services department has the expertise and experience to offer services to address environmental constraints that may exist on your property.

Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA)

The Endangered Species Act is a piece of provincial legislation that provides protection for more than 200 species and plants that are endangered, threatened or considered special concern in Ontario.

Shade Group is a family owned and operated professional services and construction company based out of the Ottawa Valley in  Ontario. Our environmental services department is led by Heather, who comes from over twenty years of experience in the
environmental industry. Growing up, Heather had a passion for everything natural. From plants to animals, Heather can likely identify what you’re hearing or seeing and provide some trivia to go along with it!

Species at Risk Screening

The main purpose of a Species at Risk Screening is to look for species or habitat of species protected under the Endangered Species Act, that may present potential constraints to the development of the subject property. Species at Risk Screenings may be requested by an approval agency as part of an application package for:

  • Proposed severance;
  • Subdivision applications;
  • Site plan applications, or
  • Various other land development or construction activities that may impact the existing natural habitat and species.

Due Diligence Tool

Assessment for potential species at risk can also be used as a high level due diligence review for a property. By completing either a desktop review – to identify potential habitat and possible constraints – or a field level review – our environmental team can highlight potential impacts that the Endangered Species Act may have on the project you’re considering.

Screening Reviews

  • Desktop review;
  • Field study;
  • Identify constraints and opportunities;
  • Identify habitat;
  •  Identify species.

The Process

Desktop Review

Depending on the level of effort requested by the client, some projects may start out with a simple desktop assessment of the property to identify possible constraints. As part of this exercise, our staff would conduct a review of available satellite imagery for the property and classify it. This information would then help provide an initial risk evaluation for the property – and identify the likelihood of the presence of habitat or species that are protected under the ESA. The final outcome varies project to project, and may be a letter or short report, providing a summary of our review and our professional opinion.

Field Review

The majority of our SAR Screening reports will require a site visit to confirm the constraints and opportunities as they relate to your project. During this site visit (or multiple site visits – depending on the possible species) – our staff will be using their eyes and ears to look for habitat, and listen for the presence of species on your property. Note that depending on the potential habitat on your property, different screenings may need to be completed at specific times of the year.


If required, our findings from either the desktop review and/or the field review, will be summarized in a report. The report will include a summary of our findings, as well as identify potential constraints and opportunities that are of relevance due to the findings.

Why Choose Shade Group for your Environmental Services Needs?

When you choose Shade Group for your environmental services needs, you are partnering with a small, locally-owned, family-run business. Heather has a passion for the environment and over twenty years of experience in the wildlife and environmental services industry – and can identify plants, animals and reptiles alike.

The Shade Group team is large enough to have access to resources and expertise to get the job done, but small enough that you’ll still get the one-on-one attention you deserve. You will not get bounced from one associate to another – when working on an environmental services project, Heather will be your guide from start-to-finish.

We believe in providing great service and value along with complete customer satisfaction with every project we complete! We will conduct ourselves like true professionals on your property at all times.

If you’d like an estimate for a Species at Risk Screening for your project, please fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back to you.